Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Projects Continued...

We got a lot accomplished this weekend. First off...two meetings with two different kitchen designers. We have ideas as to what the next steps are as well as tentative plans to mull over.

Remember how I said the stump was gone? Apparently it wasn't gone enough! Michael had to spend some time completing this project over the weekend. Here he is in action. I think it's actually done now...

In other weekend happenings I decided I'd had just about enough of the wispy window treatments all around the house. So I removed them all! All, except for the middle bedroom which for some reason I didn't really find to be necessary. Perhaps that's because they're actually blue...and not see through?!?! Anyhow...I said farewell to the roosters in the kitchen, the odd white pattern from the upstairs bathroom, and all the wispy curtains from the stairwell, dining room and living room. In case you are are some before and afters! What a difference. The place looks so much more open, updated, and airy now! YAY!

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