Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Bang+Shaking House=Wires Torn from House

I'm having technical difficulties. I swear I took pictures, but for some reason when the camera is plugged in, they aren't showing up!

So you'll all have to settle for the written story sans photos. Oh stop complaining and at least pretend like you care about what I have to say! :)

On with the story...

Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work and all of a sudden a heard a truck going down the street, followed by a big bang. The house shook a bit, but then it was over. I didn't think much of it. I just went about my business, and went off to work. Michael called a bit later to tell me that we had no TV or internet service and that the long FIOS wire was hanging down off the house. (I suppose the wires weren't torn off the house. Rather, they were torn down from the telephone pole across the street-but ANYHOW!)

Just in case...I called the fire department and had them come by to check on things (in case there were any live wires down-per recommendation by Mom G-K! Thanks for watching out for us!) No live wires. Great. Verizon called and schedule to come by this morning to resolve the issue. Great again.

So we were without service for a little over a day. It's ok though, as we altered the evening activity to include a trip out to get some ice cream from our new favorite ice cream store. It was a win-win situation obviously. (I justified this treat with a 5 mile run this morning. Go me!) Side note: I hear it's good for the self esteem to pat one's self on the back from time to time. Or was that one's ego?!?! Either way!

My new friend from Verizon showed up within the 8-12 window this morning at 10:49. Of course he spent the majority of his time taking smoke breaks and sitting in his bucket truck playing solitaire on his computer. Yes that is correct, I witnessed this. This is what lead me to conclude that he was NOT my friend after all and just wanted to get his overtime for saying the job took longer than expected. Back on topic-my "friend" had to replace the entire wire all the way down the street, SLOWLY moving his bucket truck from post to post, and then back again to run the wire. Why you might ask did he not remove and replace with new wire all at the same time. Well let me refer you back to my statement about getting his overtime. Clearly he didn't care if I was incredibly late to work, resulting in my boss being angry with me, thus resulting in my stressed out demeanor and massive headache.

Mind you...I got up at 6am so as to get in a jog, be showered and ready to meet the kitchen guy at the house at 8am, wait for my Verizon "friend," and get to work at a reasonable hour. Oh least I got to sit in the sun and read emails on my phone while said "friend" wasted my day. I finally left for work at 1:25pm. Guess it's going to be a half day! A few more hours and then...long weekend!

Enjoy it!

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