Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming Soon...As Soon As I Can Locate My Camera Cord

Until then...a written teaser about the past weekend. It included lots of home-owner things people do, such as:

1. Sweeping the front porch, front stairs, back porch, and sidewalk. Much better now!
2. Finishing Project #1
3. Beginning Project #6--of course at the end of Sunday which meant it couldn't be completed. Bad planning on my part! 
4. Donating unused and unwanted items. Wahoo!
5. Enjoying an amusing performance of Young Frankenstein at the Boston Opera House....after which we discovered that absolutely everything closes down before 10pm in our new town. So sad we resorted to picking up a little ice cream treat at the gas station! HA!! Good idea at the time...not so good idea afterwards. 
6. Other things I can't remember right now...
7. Bonding with our new neighbors. 
8. Oh and an unplanned trip to New Hampshire to fight the crowds in order to buy water. Yes that's correct...water. If you don't know what I'm talking must not have heard about the "Catastrophic Water Main Break in Weston, MA."

More later...

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