Friday, May 7, 2010

Project #1: The Big Reveal

Here it is!
See the nifty green light's on. That's means...I'm doing my very own house!!!

Brought to you by Mom and Dad K...a HUGE thank you to you both! What a housewarming treat! Just what we needed! (ok...and thanks to the guys from Sears for carrying them in and hooking them up!)

I thank you! Michael thanks you! The environment thanks you! (Note the energy efficient, water saving front loader-rated #1 by Consumer Reports!) And from time to time Blake will thank you for his fresh and clean bed! (and then we'll thank you again because it'll smell better in here afterwards! hehe) And while I'm busy saying my "thank yous" I'm going to throw in'll thank you too...because let's face it...these babies will allow you to have clean sheets and towels when you come to visit. So? When are you coming? Had enough helping us out yet?!

Anyone want to visit us? We'll have clean sheets and towels for you! Anyone?

Of course...on to the pictures. Note the Blake is busy sniffing out the new noise/vibration maker in the house. He's not quite sure what to make of it. Clearly he knows I'm super excited about this new addition, but he doesn't get why. Frankly he's right...why am I so excited about this?!?!

Just look at the pictures and you'll know why!

p.s. Mike from Sears says "Nice work to your husband on leveling the platform...oh and thanks for letting us go through his stuff for the drill bit we needed." Let's hope everything was returned! :)

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