Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Garden Stool Progress

Turns out white is a difficult color to use over gray primer. You might be asking out loud why on earth I went with gray primer. Well it's the only primer they had! And...just for fun, and because I can do this...technically speaking, Michael spray painted the primer on the garden stools so therefore we can all blame him. Just kidding...sort of.

After 3 coats of white paint, here is what we have:

A few more coats plus a clear enamel spray paint and perhaps we'll be done with this project! sigh

Empty Walls...Not in My House!

Last week I struck a deal with Joakim...our gallery installer, packer, art restorer extraordinaire.

I would make him dinner in exchange for him helping to layout and hang our artwork around our house. DEAL!

The deal got even sweeter (for me that is) when he mentioned he'd skip dinner so he could go play soccer instead. FINE BY ME! haha.

I'm pretty sure I made out MUCH better than he did!

Here he is in action:

And some shots of the finished product. Helps to make it feel more like home.

Stay tuned for the garden stool update...and other stuff.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Since we removed the coffee table in the living room and have small ottomans/benches in it's place, we don't have anything sturdy enough to hold a glass upright. I've been wanting/needing some trays of some sort to use to put food and drinks on. I had seen these white lacquer trays a while back at West Elm that I loved, but the price tag was a bit high. Of course I've been looking for something similar everywhere I've been...but no luck.

This past weekend happened to be the tax free weekend in MA, so back I went to West Elm. I figured if the hubby didn't love them I'd just return them. Of course I sweetened the deal by showing how useful they were when he got home by serving dinner on them. It was a success! They keep everything upright, you don't have to worry about spilling because they have sides and can be washed, and the best part: they help to coral all the "stuff."

I was secretly hoping they'd have a nice shiny orange version...but no luck. Actually now that I think about it, white is definitely the way to go. That way we can change the accent color in the room with pillows and other accessories, and the trays can easily be used in other rooms.

What do you think?

Garden Stools

For a while now I've been wanting one or two of these:

To use like this:

or this:

But my research has shown these these items come with a hefty price tag. Ok, perhaps now that hefty, but hefty enough to make me not purchase one (or two.) They run anywhere from $149-$260+ each. I guess I don't want one that much!

Anyhow, on my way to Michelle's show the other night I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to do one of my most favorite activities...a quick walk through Home Goods (insert Marshalls or TJMaxx depending on what's near me.)

As I was briskly looking through the home section I spotted this! (Let's remember that I have a little vision when it comes to these sorts of things. Some people would look at this, call it hideous, and run. But not me!)

Then I spotted this one! A matching set except for the hideous finish!

And with this price tag I couldn't resist!

Now just think...with a little of this we'll be in business!

I have visions of using these in a number of places through the house. For now, the living room. Some day, maybe a night stand or two, or perhaps as an additional seat for guests, etc...

I think spray paint is my new best friend.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pillow Arrival!

The pillows arrived Friday afternoon. Well actually, just the covers, but you get the idea!

Here they are...

What do you think? I was hoping the orange would be more of an orange versus a tangerine, but what can you do? Perhaps they'll eventually go in our bedroom when and if we find something else for downstairs. But for the moment, I'm happy with the results. I love the chocolate colored imperial trellis pattern!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is that a tomato?

I think it is!

We have two little green tomatoes growing...bring on the cayenne pepper so they don't get eaten by the outdoor critters!

I'm so excited. I suppose we can call this project a success?!