Monday, May 10, 2010

Best $20 ever spent?!?! I think so!

Yesterday, my new friend Julio, "the plaster guy" came by to pick up a check. While he was at our house I had him take a look at the ceiling where the movers cracked the plaster while moving our mattress upstairs. After looking at the damage he said, "you know what...I have some about you give me a little money for gas and I'll just fix it right now."

"Really? Now? That's great? How much?"

He said, "Hmm I don't know, how about $20." So I said..."Perfect, and how about a cupcake and a bottle of water for the road when you're done."


So...he started to tear apart our ceiling (cringe...flying dust, plaster chunks falling down) only to unveil a horrendously unstable ceiling that had been masked by the "fixed-up" plaster that the movers damaged. Julio says as long as no one bangs the re-newly fixed spot...we should be good to go for 10 years. Here's what I say to that...HA YEAH RIGHT! As soon as we start tearing stuff down in the kitchen, or anywhere else for that matter, the vibrations will start to crack everything again. Don't you think?!?! But for $20...maybe he'll come back and patch us up again! :)

While the plaster was drying Julio saw another spot in the living room and asked if I wanted him to just take care of that as well. Why yes...that would be great! Go for it!

Sidenote: Have you ever had someone work on your house who hasn't told you it would cost you more once he started due to some unforeseen issue or adding in another spot?! Julio is great! 10 days we have to sand and paint. I suppose this is a great way to get a head-start on getting rooms painted. I'll have to find some new cracks! haha

On to the pictures...sorry no before picture. I didn't realize we were embarking on a new project when he showed up yesterday or I would have taken pictures first!

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