Monday, May 17, 2010

Projects #7 and #8

Even though I worked most of the weekend...I did manage to fit in a couple little projects at night.

First up: Project #7.
You may remember these pots that once graced the steps up to our front porch. Although some may call these suckers "beauties" I prefer to call them ugly.

Inside they looked a little something like this:


I decided the house desperately needed a little color, new pots, and some personal touches to make it feel more like "our" home! Here is the start of that process...

I had my heart set on orange flowers, however my friends at Lowes told me they had nothing that would survive in only partial sunlight. (Also, for the record, pinkish red is NOT orange--I know my colors people!) So...I had to settle for purple. I also wanted nice ceramic, colored, shiny, square pots...but budget conscious me opted for darker brown standard terra cotta pots. Not too shabby though don't you think? Looks better I think!
Eventually I'd also like to trim the bushes and add some rectangular planters on the porch with more flowers. In time...

Next to be planted...some tomatoes, compliments of Mom G-K! Thanks mom!

Sunday night I completed Project #8!
You may remember the lovely downstairs bathroom that had a window that looked a little something like this:

This is actually a photo of the kitchen window. Unfortunately the hubby had the camera this weekend so I didn't get a before picture. I was so eager to make a change that I just couldn't wait! :)
The only different with the bathroom window is that in place of lovely roosters there were equally lovely tulips!

Anyhow...I'd had about enough of these window treatments so I ordered a less offensive option: Window Film! Of course I also had my heart set on a different film, but the price tag associated with it led me to option 2 instead.

I took everything down, washed the window, followed the very important window film installation instructions (which actually came with specific words and phrases highlighted for extra emphasis!) and got this result!

You wouldn't believe how much nicer, bigger, and more airy the bathroom feels now! It's a temporary fix...but it's great! It gives you the appearance of frosted glass without having to replace the window. It's actually a circular bubble pattern that's more graphic and fun than your standard frosted glass.
Do you like it?


  1. We use this window film all over our house, it's great. We used a "rice paper" looking film for our bathroom window, just a satin mat finish for the dinning room, stained glass for the kitchen, and cloudy for the nursery. They work great for privacy or blocking the view of our neighbors house.

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  3. You're so crafty and I'm so proud! Love the window! Great idea!