Friday, May 27, 2011

Progress Update!

I'm not feeling overly witty today...perhaps I'm just totally overloaded at work today? Perhaps I'm just is Friday afterall!

I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Can anyone else tell that these holes aren't even. At first glance I noted...the left one if off by a 1/4". Guess we'll try to ignore that seeing as this is the 3rd slab of granite!

Big ole stainless steel sink...

And cabinet progress...

This weekend the floors will be installed completely and refinished! I can't wait to see them on Monday night!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


First...there were countertops...and then...there weren't.

That's right. They were cut, installed, and then removed.
And then recut...incorrectly.
And then recut for a 3rd time. Maybe someday they'll be installed and left there!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of what it looked like installed. Aside from the fast that the whole thing was quite uneven, it looked incredible! Great choice with the cabinets.

Here's a little peak at what it will look like...someday!

It could be mistaken for black at a distance, but when you get up close here is what it looks like:

Love it, can't wait to use it!

More on the floors later...

Friday, May 20, 2011


Look what arrived the other day!!!

If you're not sure what you're looking at, it's wood. Clear Maple to be precise.

Lovely eh?

And another change. Andre removed the trim from the bottom of two windows in the kitchen and replaced the trim with a cill. The window over the sink won't have additional trim below the cill so as to have room for our tile backsplash, but under the other window there will be additional trim. Here's a peak:

And here is a peak at the progress leveling the floor in the mudroom:

I was a little disappointed to see how crooked the wall was next to the last cabinet leading into the hallway. But, Andre had already addressed the issue! Just a bit more sanding and paint and it should be straight!

Remember the weird threshold area. Andre cut out the raised piece of wood and replaced it with a more recessed piece of wood.

Here is the flooring getting installed. Looking good, but very light. The hubby likes the color. I do not. It's pretty obviously that it won't match the rest of the house without staining, but we shall see... It's a work in progress and I for one feel good about the progress.

Only a bit of damage done...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Couple Things Were Done...

Not much has been done. So here's a quick post about what's been happening.

They began to cut the old wood floor in a staggered pattern so as to add in the new flooring. Apparently this is as far as they got because "the blades were dull so we have to buy new blades." Seriously? Who brings a dull blake to a job site? It looks like only about 5 pieces of wood were cut? Must have been a very dull blade to begin with! :P

Then this piece of plywood was cut to allow room for the new threshold. Yes it's at an angle. Why you ask? Because it will match the same angle as the headed above it. Not ideal, but work with what you've got!

And the beginnings of trim work. Not ideal as it doesn't match the rest of the house...but boy will it look nicer than what was there! YAY!

Here's a detail shot:

We'll be reusing as many of the rosette as we can from the two doorways that were taken down. Unfortunately most of the pieces weren't in great shape, so new pieces will have to be used. Unfortunately they don't make anything similar anymore and we're not about to have them custom made. So we'll have to use pieces that are similar. It will be fine...

A coat of paint and the trim will look nice. One thing we inquired about is if there is a type of trim for the bottoms of the windows that match the rest of the house as the rest of the house has trim with a ledge and more detail work. I'm sure the exact thing can't be found, but I'd prefer to see something that has the same "look"... We shall see!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kitchen Progress Update

Not much has changed...
Here is where we stand:

I'd like to introduce you to one new thing. Our island! It's a little island, but it will be great! The bottom will be cut off and replaced with nice feet. That way it will appear more furniture like. It won't be bolted to the ground either, thus allowing us to move it in case the fridge needs to be pulled out or something like that. The top will be the same matching granite used in the rest of the kitchen. There isn't enough room for an overhang on the island, but I think it will be a welcomed additional work space! Can't wait to use it! Also, the doors will be able to be opened from both sides for easy access. I think it will house our less often used small kitchen appliances.

It has two top drawers that can be accessed from the side opposite the sink.

And one big shelf, that will sit level when all is said and done.

Hopefully some progress will be made today. Maybe I'll have something to share with you other than pictures you've already seen! Here's hoping!

p.s. I should mention, sorry my colors are off in all the pictures. I could edit the images, but since I tend to upload them at work, I don't exactly have a whole lot of time to mess around. So...pretty soon when more progress is made, I will take nice pictures, and color correct them! For just have to deal!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Issue

Oh My...I wrote this whole long post with new pictures and lots of text...and it's gone! I posted it yesterday. Every time I logged onto Blogger to see if there were comments, it said blogger was temporarily unavailable. I finally got back in, but my whole post is GONE!

Did anyone else experience this problem.

You're all going to have to wait now because my camera is at home.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cabinet Installation Continued...

For the past week we've eagerly come home each night to find that not much has changed. One day we came home to this:

And then we came home and everything had been removed from the walls. Sorry I didn't take any pictures, I was too disappointed. Andre claims they hang them, take them down, attach them together, and rehang. But I'm no fool! I see the thousand holes in the wall all about 1/2" above or below eachother. Someone can't measure! That's the real issue here!!

Now that I've calmed's a bunch of new pictures of the progress. I was expected more to be done at this point, but take what you can get!

And then there was the "miscommunication" about the cabinets floating on the wall vs. going straight to the ceiling. I always wanted them to go straight up to the ceiling. Somehow along the way we ended up with floating cabinets. Let's just say that in my opinion, there is nothing worse than trapped space above cabinets. No, I don't want lighting up there! No, I don't want to spend my time cleaning up the cobwebs that collect up there! What a waste! So my solution was...hang the cabinets a few inches higher so that the crown molding will cover the gap. Well, can't do that either because it would be 6" taller and let's be real, I'm short! So the bottom line, we potentially could have gotten 36" tall upper cabinets instead of 30". But we would have been risking it. So better safe than sorry I suppose. At the end of the day, here's the solution we came up with:

The crown molding is a bit skimpy, but Andre assures me that there isn't a more substantial option. It's a bit elongated but what can you do. I think it will give me the look I wanted, even if it's a little tall.

If you can believe it, the granite guys were supposed to come today to do the template for the granite. We'll see if that actually happens!