Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is a test!

To see if my husband actually reads my blog I will share this little tid-bit and see if I get an "I told you so..." response.

Uploading photos using Verizon Fios is MUCH faster than slow, slow, slow DSL! (Is that even what I'm using? I have no idea!)

p.s. Do I win a prize for the Fios shout out?

Project #3, 4, and 5-If you can call it that!

Project #3 and #4 both involve Michael's attempts to get our fridge where it belongs-in the kitchen!

First he dismantled the door frame on the inner back door (it had no door--just the frame). Below he is showing off his handiwork...
(Blake is too busy eating to get out of the way)

As for Project #4-Here is Michael showing off how after he removed the "cookbook cabinet" there is actually enough room for our fridge to fit in the fridge nook. Of course I was too busy going for a run and then making dinner during this project to make photos of the manual labor in progress. So here is the morning after show off picture after the dust had cleared!

Another shot of the door frame in progress...

And of course to prove I actually is me in action on project #5. After I took down one of the MANY rooster curtains I discovered a cheesy decorative wood thing hanging down over the window. I couldn't stand down it went! (Please excuse the less than flattering jeans I happen to be wearing in this photo!)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting Organized.

Home many trips to Home Depot, Lowes, and the Container Store does it take to get the kitchens (and baths) organized? Well...depends on if you choose to be smart and measure before you go! HA!

I can't take credit for any of this! Mom G-K did it all! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! (I helped a bit...but Mom was the mastermind behind this organization!) As for the living room...take a look at how large our small furniture looks in this room. hmmmm what to do about that?! Our chair doesn't even fit without blocking the front door. I'll be reorganizing this soon. In the meantime--if you want to visit, come to the back door!
Note: the awesome orange box on the coffee table is our wedding album...finally! :)

The Casualties

First off...let's start with the most amusing casualty...the moving truck side door. Good news...he didn't take out the entire tree or the power lines...just most of our tree's branches. Bad news...truck door was bent entirely backwards and broken off at the hinges. oops! Good thing we paid these guys to move every valuable belonging we own. sigh.

Next up: Scratched Furniture (sorry--no photos)...followed by our newly damaged old house. I suppose it's all par for the course...but still sad. We have some chipped paint, cracked plaster (hard to tell in that picture), and some dented walls. sigh again.

The didn't make its....

1. The box-spring couldn't make it up the for now we get our mattress on the floor. I'm incredibly bummed about this. I was so excited to put our bed together with all our new bedding...guess I'll have to wait until we figure out a solution for this problem.

2. Our brand new monster of a fridge. It's big, beautiful, stainless, and perfect...except for that it has to live in the dining room for now. Michael is mid-tearing out the back door interior door
frame in the hopes that we can get the monster into the kitchen where it belongs.

On the bright side at least we have a working fridge! Did I mention that it's beautiful...and

Moving Day

After several hours...with only minimal casualties...we did it! We are moved! HUGE thank you to Mom K! We couldn't have done it without you...seriously it wouldn't have happened. Here are some photos of our things in our hew house. Please excuse the extreme disaster...first goal was just to get the "stuff" into the house. More on this later as not everything fit into the house! Enjoy!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few New Additions Around the House

A Few New Additions Around the House...

Thank you Marathon Monday for the day off. I got a lot accomplished today. First off...who knew a "clean" empty house could be so filthy! Two hours later...spotless, disinfected floors.

After my cleaning spree I was off to Crate and Barrel, Macys, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Home Goods, and Pier One. After some returns, some purchases...and a stop at Starbucks...I finally returned home.

Here are some of my finds... Some to be returned...didn't work out quite the way I'd imagined. Typical.

First Night in the New House

We spent our first night in the new house. I'd like to say it was glorious...but in fact, it was MISERABLE. First...our air mattress deflated while we attempted to sleep on it. Second...we couldn't quite get the temperature to be the least bit bearable. You get the idea....

But in an effort to always post with pictures you go! Please excuse the messy bed...but do note the first of many 'cuse appearances around the new pad.

On a brighter note...we had Fios installed on Saturday. Making progress...

Project #2: Changing the Lock

Over the weekend Michael worked on Home Improvement Project #2...changing the back door lock. Although he had every intention of changing wasn't meant to one it is-for now!

Here are some photos!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Project #1: Building a Platform for the Washer/Dryer

Manual labor officially began last night on project #1. Believe it or not, and although I'm not featured in any of the photos, I did help! I assure you I was crucial to the building process. The base is created, and will be put in place once we figure out fixing the foundation issue...and cutting out the remains of the old platform. The top of the platform is cut and ready to be screwed on.

A special thank you to home depot for cutting the boards to the correct lengths....and for selling us warped boards. We appreciate it! :(

And because no one really cares about the details to all the present and future projects...and all you really want to see are you go!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

House Tour

Welcome to our House...Want to go on a tour?

Because I'm new to this...I can't seem to figure out how you write above each image, or near an image I'm referring to. Oh well, I know what I'm talking'll just have to figure it out on your own! Good luck!