Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For a little laugh...

So...I neglected to mention how (not) smart I am. Of course I knew you all would get a little chuckle out of this so here we go...

It wasn't until after I was home from Lowes that I realized there are some tools necessary for gardening. For example, sometimes a small shovel is important, as well as some type of vessel to hold water (I only realized this once I discovered the hose didn't work--How do we turn on the water outside anyways?!), and perhaps even some gardening gloves.

Well the name of the game is...improvise! And that I did!

The husband might not like hearing this, but there are several other "tools" that can do the trick when you're in a pinch.

Sidenote: Mr. Cutco would kill me for saying this because as you all know by now "There is an appropriate tool for every job." With the exception of the spatula spreader of course because that is one multitasking tool!


Some of the tools I found to be very helpful with my gardening project included screwdrivers, a scraper thingie (I'm sure there's a more appropriate name, but I don't know it!) and a pitcher. I also had an epiphany as I was getting started! Last year I actually purchased gardening gloves for the condo gardening party (well actually it was after the party when I realized the extent of damage I'd done to my hands!). Score!

Other things I need:
-clothes drying rack for the basement
-full length mirror because for weeks I've had no idea what my outfits look like. cringe!
-laundry basket
-they'll be more (Michael cover your ears and eyes-you didn't just read that!)

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