Friday, October 22, 2010


A couple weeks ago (sorry I'm a bit behind) I started a little (insert-failed) project. I'd read about it somewhere and thought it would be a fun little seasonal project. It all begin with some plastic gourds from AC Moore. Because plastic gourds are tacky. I wanted to alter them a bit, but still maintain the (clearly) fall aspect of what gourds represent.

What did I plan to do with them? Spray paint them of course!

First I primed them...

Then I sprayed them with glossy white spray paint. I was going for a white ceramic gourd look. Sadly, even after re-priming and painting again...I deemed this project a colossal failure. I do not understand why, but for some reason the original color on the gourds kept popping through. Failure.

I had intended to display these gourds on a raised white cake plate as a quasi "Fall Vignette" without being all "fall-ish." You know what I mean!

But alas...this failed project won't get to be shown in all it's glory because I've given up on it. Sigh.
See what I mean?

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