Friday, October 8, 2010

Progress on the Home Front

It's been a while! Oops. We've been busy! Very busy! That will continue for a few more weeks. Sigh.

In case you were wondering if we've been neglecting our house entirely...we haven't. Well sort of, but not really. Michael did some projects on the home front while I worked. Hey...somebody has to pay the bills! :)

He was astonished by my reaction to this project...

As in I didn't notice that he'd done anything! When I acted thoroughly confused by his prodding me to point out the fabulous job he'd done...he was ummm shall we say...hurt?! Oops. Apparently we USED to have cracks at the back of each stair. "You could have fallen through them" kind of cracks (He tells me.)

Michael filled the cracks! Well Done Michael.
(Um did that really qualify is a necessary project?! He couldn't believe that I'd never really noticed or cared about said cracks.)

Here is the end result! We are all very proud of your job well done Michael!

He also filled the hole around this light fixture. Looking good!

In other casa happenings...this thing is not one of our friends anymore!

It got clogged. ugh. But thankfully did not overflow thanks to my husbands fast reaction time! Nice work! We borrowed the neighbors snake and fixed the sucker. Who needs to pay a plumber when you can DIY it!

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