Friday, October 22, 2010

Dresser Makeover

Everyday I wake up to this sight:

It's the sight of Michael's dresser. Yes, that's correct...Michael's dresser. Not mine. In fact, that whole side of the room has been deemed "Michael's". Anyhow, the only thing missing from the photo is the piles of clothes that usually sit on top of the receipts, cards, and "things." Notice the open drawer. Without fail, there is ALWAYS at least 1 drawer left ajar. Same goes for the kitchen cabinets, or any other room for that matter when "Hurricane Michael" goes through any room. If you stop by our house you're sure to find at least one pair of his shoes in a random spot in the living room and another pair in the kitchen. No, not the mud room...the kitchen. (I'll stop now because I'll probably get yelled at if I whine about the other messes he leaves in his wake! :P )

Ok moving on...

What happens when you take the furniture above and add a little of this:

A couple before shots:

And this one so you can get a sense of what I deal with every single day!

Add some time spend doing major cleaning of the dresser. EW! Removing hardware, using some wood filler to fill the old hardware holes, a bit of sanding, etc...

Here's the dresser after 2 coats of primer:

And here comes the after shots! A couple quick side notes first. Although I selected a mocha tinted ivory colored paint, it turned out a bit too white for my tastes. Perhaps it's just all the darker browns and earth tones in our bedroom that make the ivory appear so much whiter than the swatch?! In any case the after is so much better than the before. I selected new, more contemporary hardware as well.

Last thing, and I'm pretty darn proud of this fact: I did this ENTIRE project ALL BY MYSELF!

Ok I'm done you go:

Learn from my mistakes:
1. Old sheets should never be used as a substitute for a drop cloth. They are NOT the same thing (even if Hurricane Michael tells you they'll work just the same.) You will spend HOURS scraping paint of your beautifully refinished hardwood floors. UGH!
2. Always plan for your project to take much more time than you imagine it will take...because it will take twice as long.
3. Changing the dresser does not change "Hurricane Michael." I'm too embarrassed by how the dresser looks in action to actually share an after-in-use photo. Some things never change.

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