Monday, November 8, 2010

Raking...Raking...and More Raking...

Last weekend we spent most of Saturday raking the yard. Fun times! No really though, great excuse to be outside and burn a few calories in the process. The main reason for this "must rake this weekend" attitude was that the town picks up yard waste twice each fall and we were about to miss our pick-up opportunity. Since we don't have a pass to the yard waste dump, we didn't want to miss out. Here's a little glimpse of our experience.

Our day started like this...
The husband told me to get out of bed because we needed to get to work on the yard. He got dressed and went downstairs. I followed, went straight to the "mud room" put on my coat, shoes, (and gloves!)...and headed for the great outdoors. After about 30 minutes of raking I started to wonder why it was that I was outside all alone. Interesting! I went inside and discovered that the husband had parked himself in his usual spot on the sofa with a mug of coffee, dirty breakfast plate discarded on the tray, and his sock covered feet resting comfortably on the ottoman. I just stood in the doorway for a few minutes taking in the sight, wondering what on earth he was doing "relaxing" when he made me get up early, not to mention why he hasn't offered me any breakfast. How rude! Finally he looked up and said, "There you are, where have you been?" To which I responded, "Don't you remember how you told me I had to hurry up and get outside so that WE could rake the yard? Well I've been outside raking!" Blank stares followed this exchange. I turned around and went back outside. A few minutes later, someone followed me outside.

You can imagine how the rest of the morning went.

Here he his acting like he did all the work. Not so my friends. Not so! Lazy.

For the record, the whole yard is covered in leaves once again.

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