Friday, October 8, 2010

Guest Room

Just a little teaser today...

The guest room looked like this a couple weeks ago...

You may remember this bedding from our (previously my) room in Brookline. And if you've known me for a while, perhaps you even remember this bedding from my college years! EEK! Truth be told, I love blue. I always have. However, I'm just not into it anymore. As you have seen, there is no blue anywhere else in the house. Amazing isn't it? I recently discovered other colors. And let me tell you...I prefer OTHER COLORS! I still love blue, but not in the house! Weird.

Let's not forget to share our "thank you's"...Thanks Mom G-K for making me all the pillows! I have a few other ideas up my sleeve that could use your sewing expertise. Wink. Wink.

Anyhow, some changes have been made to this room since I took these pictures. We leave the bedroom door open, and it's the room you see right into every time you come up the stairs. You can imagine how tired I was of seeing that blue bed every time I went upstairs. Something had to change.

First, I removed the icky blue curtains. Sorry previous owners, but those curtains were past their prime. They didn't even go to the floor. How last decade of them!

Second, I changed out the bedding. Thankfully the bed skirt still works!

Next up, curtains. Sadly we had a curtain rod hanging disaster over the weekend, so final pictures will just have to wait. I also emptied the contents of Michael dresser for a dresser makeover project (pictures will be on their way soon) and all the clothes got relocated to the guest room bed for the time being.'s a mess and I refuse to show you "really messy house" pictures. I don't mind sharing "sort of messy house" pictures, but I draw the line at "really messy house" pictures.

So for now, all you can do is imagine what changes I might have made.

p.s. Mom and Dad B have already seen "Stage 1" so don't spill the beans...

p.p.s. We need headboards in both rooms!
p.p.p.s. We need nightstands with lamps!
p.p.p.p.s. We need a dresser or somewhere for guests to put their things!

In time...

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