Thursday, April 21, 2011

Window Work

As you know, we're altering some of the windows in the kitchen. Actually, all of them! The window over the soon-to-be sink area is being cut in half to accommodate the sink and countertop. The window to the right near the radiator is being replaced with a new window, and lastly, the window in the mudroom is being expanded to about twice its original size.

The last few days the guys have made slow progress by working on re-framing the windows that will be changed. It's not very exciting, but it's a step in the right direction!

Here are some pictures!

p.s. Casa Benedetti (strange mix of Spanish and Italian there) has been even colder than usual for the past week. Surprisingly, the minimal insulation and old drafty windows in the original kitchen did do a little something to keep the house "warm." Now that the insulation and walls have been removed, and that the window has been removed and replaced with a plastic bag, the interior temperature has been less than warm. Thank goodness for my electric blanket! If only we had two so someone else could be warm also! Oh no, I don't mean me...I am sure to snag MY blanket whenever possible! I'm just looking out for the husband here... :)

p.p.s. We learned some VERY interesting facts about our house last week. Turns out, it's older than we thought! Strange right? We thought it was built in 1930, but it must be closer to 1900. Knob and Tube wiring made it's first appearance in 1925. It wasn't exactly considered mainstream at that point. Perhaps several years later it was used everywhere. Before that time, gas lights were used. Turns out our house has experienced it all! When the walls were removed we learned that our house has knob and tube as well as old gas lines for gas lighting! Crazy! and Very cool! Can you imagine..only 1 gas light hanging in the center of every room? Glad to have the fire hazard removed, but very intrigued to learn about the history of our house!

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