Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kitchen Progress Day 2

Last Tuesday we came home to find that under our linoleum was more linoleum, and under that linoleum were the original hardwood floors from 1930. Sadly, the previous owners had used tar and staples to hold down the linoleum and it was determined that the hardwood floors couldn't be saved. Sad.


We also came home to absolutely NO walls! The mudroom was no more... Oddly, it took me several minutes to realize that!

Here are some progress photos.
Enjoy! or cringe a little. I'm doing a bit of that, so it's ok for you to do that too!

And a little video...
A word of warning first...(I'm new to this remember!) apparently because I held the camera sideways the video comes up sideways. I can't seem to figure out how you can change that. So in the future i'll shoot the normal way! I was going to delete it, but I thought you all might be amused by my small failure! :)

Another word of warning...it's a little dark and hard to see most of the video...but it gives you a sense of the floor situation at least!

And one last word of warning...this was shot before we learned that the floors couldn't be saved. Oh well!

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