Thursday, July 15, 2010

We're really going to do this!

For our new kitchen we had been envisioning shaker style cabinets in a dark stained wood with a neutral toned granite countertop with a hint of red running through it. Don't forget the stainless appliances also! Of course the reason we were envisioning this particular style kitchen is because we've seen it everywhere! Every new kitchen you see is just what I described.

After some thought, we're (I'm) leaning towards this instead:

It's basically the same style, but it's a painted cabinet that's a cross between ivory, taupe, light grey, and a very light hint of green.
We're thinking of using this cabinet with either a black and white granite countertop or even a white marble if the price is right. I know, I know...marble is porous and not a great choice. I just love the look! We will weigh the options and let you know what we decide. :)

Sorry about the bad pictures, I was trying to give you a sense of what the cabinets would look like next to the stainless appliances, etc...

What do you think?

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