Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great News!

During our surprise visit from Mom and Dad B, the men folk did a little project we needed to have accomplished. They cut a hole in the ceiling above the fridge to determine what was being boxed in by the soffit. Of course, no one paid any attention to me when I said it was just filler, serving no purpose. They all claimed it had to be hiding something important like pipes. That's right, I'm accusing all of you of not listening to me...like usual.

Anyhow back to the project! It was an enormous success as they discovered that it was in fact just filler and was not hiding anything. Fantastic! This means our new cabinets can be the same height all around the room! Just like I suspected! ;)

(You people should start listening to me! :P I'm just saying...)

Here is the view of the inside of the box. Notice the severely deteriorating plaster ceiling:

Here's the hole they made above the fridge:

Thanks for your help and thanks for coming to visit!

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