Monday, July 19, 2010

Master Bedroom Light Fixture all remember the Master Bedroom light fixture don't you?
In case you've forgotten, here it is:

If you're savvy enough to remember those lovely curtains than you probably figured out that I forgot to take a before picture of the bedroom fixture. oops! No worries, it's the same fixture as the other bedrooms so that picture worked out just fine!

Anyhow, there was major light drama with this fixture. We received it about a month and a half ago, and this would be a prime example why you shouldn't rush into decorating a house. Live it in, don't buy the first thing that catches your eye. I did, and I regret it. I can deal, but have now been enlightened as to the error of my ways. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but now I like other things more. It has a sort of romantic look which is nice. And even better, if perhaps down the road we ever have a female wee will be super fun in her room. It will provide hours of gazing...between naps and play time of course!

Back to the drama I mentioned. We finally got around to putting this fixture up when we realized the bulbs were not included. After arguing with the company they told me to go buy A15 bulbs regular incandescent bulbs. I purchased the "correct" bulbs and forced Michael to help me put up the new fixture on Sunday morning. Insert humorous picture of two people in their pjs standing on step ladder and bench respectively, arms shaking, getting sweaty in non-air conditioned house, struggling to hold the thing over our heads while connecting wires, etc... Only to discover upon completion that the electrical update of said non-air conditioned house apparently did not include cutting the ceiling hole for the fixture box to the correct size, thus said new light fixture doesn't cover up the entire hole, leaving the lovely opening to the ceiling and the blue box showing which as you can imagine is so aesthetically pleasing. Sigh. Deep breath. AND again, only then to discover that the A15 bulbs were indeed NOT the correct bulbs for the fixture, thus requiring said sweaty people to take showers and go back to the depot, again, to exchange for the correct bulbs. We were, however, smart enough to try out the bulbs from the lovely chandelier in the dining room before heading to the depot. Smart move my friends! It worked! So, with dining room bulb in hand, we went off to the nicely air conditioned depot to exchange the incorrect bulbs for the correct bulbs. AND, once more for good measure, only to discover when we got home that what we really need is a dimmer switch! HOLY COW, it's WAY too bright! Chalk it up to yet another learning experience.


It will look even more romantic with a nice upholstered headboard. Don't worry folks, it's on my To Do list.

I'm thinking about removing the crystals entirely. It looked nice as just the drum shade. Thoughts?

We also purchased some caulk to fill the hole in the ceiling. It's removable and white so we thought it would be a good solution. Is that the wrong product to use? Any suggestions?

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