Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Bedroom

The painters also did a nice job on our room.

As you probably can quite easily picture - I had a tough time picking out the color for our room as well. Typical. At first I was planning to stick with the earth tone idea as our bedding is all chocolate brown and ivory. I got a sample for what I thought was going to be a great color. The consensus from both of us - looks like baby poop! Since we figure we'll be seeing plenty of that soon, we don't need to see it on our walls as well! (The real deal might end up on the walls at some point anyway--who knows!!)

So the next idea was either a slate blue or plum color. I narrowed down the options and let Michael pick two samples to try out. (Collaboration at it's finest I tell you!) Here's a glimpse of the process and a few before pictures...

And after day one - think lots-o-dust!

Ultimately we decided the plum was too purple, and the blue was too gray. Rather than trying out another 15 samples (which we were tempted to do) we decided to pick a similar blue tone that was less gray and go for it! I was pretty worried at first, but it's really growing on me! I'm not one to make rash decisions. I know what you're thinking...It's only paint! But still. I wanted this project to be done and I wanted to be happy with the results. I've never picked a bold color before but it works! Not sure it's great with our bedding, but too bad! We're stuck with it! I think it looks really great with our silver light fixture and the silver radiator. Next up - maybe some matching furniture?? Just an idea! And perhaps some new lamps. Maybe something in Stainless or perhaps glass. ahhhh - someday!

It's so nice to have consistent woodwork throughout the house also. It really makes things work a little better together. So...what do you think? Was this a project a success? Either way - it's another thing checked off my pre-baby to do list and that makes me one happy camper! Only about 1,999,000 things left to do! And we only have 12 weeks left! (or maybe less) EEK!


  1. Looks awesome!! I love the color. 12 more weeks!? My goodness. :)

  2. Love the color! A few blue pillows on the bed and you'll be set. I might work those into my busy schedule.