Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby Bump Progression

You probably already saw this post - but I added a 26 week picture. Enjoy!

My baby brain is on a bit of a delay these days. It's true - the whole baby brain thing that is. I'm not as smart as I used to be!

It occurred to me that it'd be easier to see the updates and the progression if I showed you the newest picture first. That way you don't have to scroll down the whole post each time.

Brilliant! Duh!

27, almost 28 Weeks (looking a little haggard after an impromptu after work cleaning frenzy - I think they'd call this nesting!)

26 Weeks (I think) post apple picking break with Emily!

23 Weeks

22 Weeks (Post Spin Class Sweaty Picture)

21 Weeks (Hiking in Santa Fe while on our anniversary/baby-moon trip)

21 Weeks (Seated Mom's Eye View)

21 Weeks (Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary)

20 Weeks

18 Weeks

14 Weeks

12-13 Weeks

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