Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Around the House....

A few things were accomplished this past weekend...and I can take absolutely zero credit for any of it! Mom G-K came to visit. With all the excitement of the last week or so, she decided to come visit and help out around the house. I felt badly about having her drive all the way here to cook and clean - but boy was it a huge help! While I lounged or napped, Mom was hard at work making us food for the next week or two. She also worked on a couple projects that have been on my to do list for forever.

First up - she made us Veggie Lasagna, Butternut Squash Risotto, Roasted Vegetables, and Teriyaki Tofu with Wild Rice. She also stocked our fridge! Her goal was to help me to not have to think about what to eat after work this week. So far - it's working out great! I'm having more food aversions these days along with some more nausea - so not having to think about food is a huge relief to me!

Mixed in with all the cooking - She helped to finally organize our built-in china cabinet. Rather than looking in and seeing boxes...you now see this!

She also helped to organize and clean all our picture frames that have been stashed away since the kitchen renovation began. Just an fyi to anyone doing construction - just because you put things away doesn't mean that they stay clean and dust free. HUGE thanks to Mom for being the one to clean everything. It wasn't a fun job I'm sure!

In the process she turned our bookshelf into a bookshelf again. She even put out all our DVDs again - with one caveat. She wasn't interested in organizing by genre like I would typically do. I told her it was no problem - I'll get to that during my maternity leave! You all know that this will eat away at me until I get it done. Just kidding-well, sort of.

While mom was hard at work on this project, I sat and kept her company. After a while we wondered what Michael was up to.
I took a little trip upstairs and discovered him hard at work on this!

We grew a crib this weekend! Yet another big step! I can't believe we have a crib in the baby's room. Feels pretty real to me!
I also took a picture of the baby's dresser...I may have made a bit of an online impulse purchase. See that pillow - it was cute, I couldn't resist. The "S" is covered up - but it says "Snuggle Up." We also received the most adorable soothing sounds Lamb over the weekend as well from none other than Mama Pelio! And see that tea container on the right...inside is the cutest little hand knitted hat for the baby from one of our artists at the gallery! So sweet! Mom G-K also brought the baby its first wooden dog puzzle. So cute!

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