Monday, May 16, 2011

Kitchen Progress Update

Not much has changed...
Here is where we stand:

I'd like to introduce you to one new thing. Our island! It's a little island, but it will be great! The bottom will be cut off and replaced with nice feet. That way it will appear more furniture like. It won't be bolted to the ground either, thus allowing us to move it in case the fridge needs to be pulled out or something like that. The top will be the same matching granite used in the rest of the kitchen. There isn't enough room for an overhang on the island, but I think it will be a welcomed additional work space! Can't wait to use it! Also, the doors will be able to be opened from both sides for easy access. I think it will house our less often used small kitchen appliances.

It has two top drawers that can be accessed from the side opposite the sink.

And one big shelf, that will sit level when all is said and done.

Hopefully some progress will be made today. Maybe I'll have something to share with you other than pictures you've already seen! Here's hoping!

p.s. I should mention, sorry my colors are off in all the pictures. I could edit the images, but since I tend to upload them at work, I don't exactly have a whole lot of time to mess around. So...pretty soon when more progress is made, I will take nice pictures, and color correct them! For just have to deal!

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  1. Islands are the best. I love the idea to keep it unattached so that you can move it, if necessary!! :)