Friday, May 20, 2011


Look what arrived the other day!!!

If you're not sure what you're looking at, it's wood. Clear Maple to be precise.

Lovely eh?

And another change. Andre removed the trim from the bottom of two windows in the kitchen and replaced the trim with a cill. The window over the sink won't have additional trim below the cill so as to have room for our tile backsplash, but under the other window there will be additional trim. Here's a peak:

And here is a peak at the progress leveling the floor in the mudroom:

I was a little disappointed to see how crooked the wall was next to the last cabinet leading into the hallway. But, Andre had already addressed the issue! Just a bit more sanding and paint and it should be straight!

Remember the weird threshold area. Andre cut out the raised piece of wood and replaced it with a more recessed piece of wood.

Here is the flooring getting installed. Looking good, but very light. The hubby likes the color. I do not. It's pretty obviously that it won't match the rest of the house without staining, but we shall see... It's a work in progress and I for one feel good about the progress.

Only a bit of damage done...

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