Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Couple Things Were Done...

Not much has been done. So here's a quick post about what's been happening.

They began to cut the old wood floor in a staggered pattern so as to add in the new flooring. Apparently this is as far as they got because "the blades were dull so we have to buy new blades." Seriously? Who brings a dull blake to a job site? It looks like only about 5 pieces of wood were cut? Must have been a very dull blade to begin with! :P

Then this piece of plywood was cut to allow room for the new threshold. Yes it's at an angle. Why you ask? Because it will match the same angle as the headed above it. Not ideal, but work with what you've got!

And the beginnings of trim work. Not ideal as it doesn't match the rest of the house...but boy will it look nicer than what was there! YAY!

Here's a detail shot:

We'll be reusing as many of the rosette as we can from the two doorways that were taken down. Unfortunately most of the pieces weren't in great shape, so new pieces will have to be used. Unfortunately they don't make anything similar anymore and we're not about to have them custom made. So we'll have to use pieces that are similar. It will be fine...

A coat of paint and the trim will look nice. One thing we inquired about is if there is a type of trim for the bottoms of the windows that match the rest of the house as the rest of the house has trim with a ledge and more detail work. I'm sure the exact thing can't be found, but I'd prefer to see something that has the same "look"... We shall see!

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