Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cabinet Installation Continued...

For the past week we've eagerly come home each night to find that not much has changed. One day we came home to this:

And then we came home and everything had been removed from the walls. Sorry I didn't take any pictures, I was too disappointed. Andre claims they hang them, take them down, attach them together, and rehang. But I'm no fool! I see the thousand holes in the wall all about 1/2" above or below eachother. Someone can't measure! That's the real issue here!!

Now that I've calmed's a bunch of new pictures of the progress. I was expected more to be done at this point, but take what you can get!

And then there was the "miscommunication" about the cabinets floating on the wall vs. going straight to the ceiling. I always wanted them to go straight up to the ceiling. Somehow along the way we ended up with floating cabinets. Let's just say that in my opinion, there is nothing worse than trapped space above cabinets. No, I don't want lighting up there! No, I don't want to spend my time cleaning up the cobwebs that collect up there! What a waste! So my solution was...hang the cabinets a few inches higher so that the crown molding will cover the gap. Well, can't do that either because it would be 6" taller and let's be real, I'm short! So the bottom line, we potentially could have gotten 36" tall upper cabinets instead of 30". But we would have been risking it. So better safe than sorry I suppose. At the end of the day, here's the solution we came up with:

The crown molding is a bit skimpy, but Andre assures me that there isn't a more substantial option. It's a bit elongated but what can you do. I think it will give me the look I wanted, even if it's a little tall.

If you can believe it, the granite guys were supposed to come today to do the template for the granite. We'll see if that actually happens!


  1. I think it looks tremendous. It's easy for you to focus on the little inconsistencies and lack of perfection--but focus on HOW MUCH BETTER it is than what you had. I think you're going to love it--give yourselves permission to focus on the improvement; not on the things that really are relatively minor. Remember, you're far better off than most!

  2. Kitchens are such trying rooms, your is looking super. Can't wait to see it all done. Hugs, Marty