Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dining Room Progress

After a lovely vacation to Santa Fe...I'm back!!

Michael and I were supposed to go to Hawaii as our 2nd anniversary trip...but with the little addition on the way we decided it was just too far to fly. So at the very last minute (as in Thursday at 10pm for a Saturday at 7am flight) we decided to go to Santa Fe instead. It was a great choice. The flights were more manageable for me, and the area was spectacular. The scenery was even more fantastic than the art and food in Santa Fe. We did lots of day trips to local must-see spots, a few hikes, and lots of eating (mostly Michael believe it or not. Food still isn't my best friend so it was challenging to figure out what to eat but worth the thought process.)

Anyhow, before we skipped out of town, we completed one project that had been on my To Do List since we completed the kitchen project. (Which, for the record has one more small project to be completed--more on that next week.)

Here's a little glimpse!
First-I painted several squares on different walls to make sure I was happy with my color selection. Perhaps it was a little overkill but my brain isn't working quite how it used to these days so at the time it seemed VERY necessary to do this step...

Of course I also had to see how it looked with the only permanent fixture in the room...our Amy Maas painting!

Then it was time for tape and paint! Believe it or not we were equal contributors to this project! (I have to pat myself on my back for this one!) I'll admit was was pretty sore and exhausted after deciding to work on this project two evenings in a row after work, but hey that's the price you pay sometimes.

And a few of the finished product:

And for all those who have been asking me for a very specific picture. Here you go!

This was taken at about 19/20 weeks or so I's pretty out of date! Oh well it's all you get for now! :P You can use your imagination but I'm just a tad bit bigger at this point! ;)

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  1. You look great, Sarah! And I love the walls - the color looks so crisp against the white and the painting fits in perfectly. Can't wait to see it in person!