Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back Splash

The last kitchen related project to be completed was the back splash. We'd been putting off the extra expense of having it installed. I suppose we could have attempted it ourselves, but of course I wanted it to have an unexpected pattern so that made things challenging. With my mile long to do (before baby's arrival) list growing every day I decided it was time to knock this one off the list. The other incentive was to have it done before Papa and Marilyn came to see our house for the very first time (which happened this past weekend.)

We'd already received several quotes for the project so it was a matter of selecting the person we wanted to go with and getting it scheduled.

Here's a remind of how things have been looking until now...

Then one day we came home to this!

I have to admit, my immediate reaction was not to jump for joy. It was more like "what have I done!" But those of you you know me well know that I can visualize most things pretty well. After all, we (I) selected everything for the kitchen fairly confidently from tiny little examples of each material used. That said, I knew that once the grout was in place all would be right in the world again. (just an fyi--the colors look pretty off here. In reality the tile is a nice bone color that really complements the grey/green/taupe cabinets. They don't look right in these pictures.) Here are a few more progress pictures:

The only thing we were not thrilled about was the edge of the room. It looked like the beveled edge tile was much too large. We were both expected it to be a tiny 3/4" tile or so and this is what it ended up being. So after sleeping on it, we let the tile guy know that we wanted to have the edge changed. He wasn't happy about it. But that's life!

And the long awaited finished product!

The edge is much better now isn't it?

What do you think?
There's no substitute for seeing it come together in person...'s one check mark off our Pre-Baby To Do List. More to come!

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  1. Looks beautiful! I love it. I can imagine how well the color works with the cabinets and counter tops. Can't wait to see it in person! Amazing taste, as usual!