Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taking Our House Back!

Even though the kitchen isn't complete, we decided to take our house back! We spent most of Saturday moving back into the kitchen-entirely. This meant also getting the dining room back to it's original (bare) state! Even though it isn't a finished room, it's a major improvement over how it's looked for the past few months. We moved stuff, wiped everything down before putting it way, cleaned the room, etc...

Here's how it looks now:

Stocked Pantry:

Cabinets with stuff in them:

Proof that I used our kitchen this weekend. I made Mom G-K's famous chocolate chip coffee cake, lemon cookies, whole wheat pancakes, and chocolate chip whole wheat pancakes. Here's the proof (of some of it at least!)

A few views of the kitchen in it's current state:

(woops forgot to take a picture of the fridge, in it's final resting place. It looks like a built it!)

One of my latest creations. It matches the kitchen better in person. The flash really alters the colors too much. It's the new island centerpiece. Nice isn't it?

Feels good to have our house back. In fact, it feels like a whole new house! Can't wait to get the place finished!

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  1. It looks SO great, Sarah!! I love the centerpiece - beautiful as usual. :)