Thursday, July 28, 2011


Apparently I took a blogging hiatus. I'm back least for today! :)
You may know...I haven't been feeling fantastic lately. Aside from work, I've spent a lot of time napping, lounging, and doing small tasks around the house.

Here's a little glimpse of new things that have been happening around our casa.

There's been a lot of laundry going on. Perhaps a bit more than usual. I blame the warm weather on multiple outfits worn each day by both of us and "two shower" days (also known as super hot days!)

Then something exciting happened in the gym room. It magically grew and window A/C...

and a TV... Ok the truth is we had this TV sitting upstairs since Christmas of last year. It was a gift to me/Michael won it at work. Unfortunately, we didn't have cable anywhere else in the house except the living room, so it sat unused for quite some time. (The empty TV box-which also sat upstairs for months-became a home for a monstrous beetle that scared the you-know-what out of me last week...more on that another time!) When we renovated the kitchen we put cable into the bookcase in front of the treadmill. Major improvement!

Next up, Michael decided it was time to get back into his long list of house projects. First up was sanding the trim around the back door (new) window. Hopefully before winter we can repaint the trim so things look a little nicer.

another action shot:

Another project I attacked this weekend was finally sorting through our pile-o-papers that needed to be filed. We let this get way out of control throughout the kitchen renovation because it was just too complicated to get it done--or perhaps we were just too lazy?!?! At any rate, I spent an hour or two this weekend sorting through the pile and organizing everything for filing. I filed a portion of it before deciding it was just too darn hot upstairs to do any more. At least it'll be easy to get it done now.
No post is complete without random pictures of the activities that have gone on. Sorry this isn't very exciting!

This "junk" room still houses some miscellaneous kitchen stuff, artwork that needs to be hung, my good old college desk we never use, our printer, and a whole bunch of someone's boxes of stuff from his parent's house. Perhaps someone can encourage said person to go through them and put things away??? A little help here!


  1. Seems like you guys have been super busy and productive! Its good to check those little tasks off.

  2. Glad your back on the blog. Was afraid it had come to an end

  3. you deserve a break but i love following you! miss you and lots of hugs!