Friday, July 1, 2011

Long Overdue...but still not done!

First we got some lights installed, and some appliances, and some crown molding...

And then we experimented with placement of the small island. They'll be cutting off the bottom toe kick and replacing it with more furniture like feet. The Island will be removed to re-do the floors (again) but this way we could experiment with placement.

And then the trim was painted! Looking good...

And then the floors were sanded down...again. Was this the 3rd time or the 4th. Side note: they've been done 5 times and still aren't great. But we give up!

At this point, we were tired of we moved back in!

Love my spice cabinet!!

But love my trash/recycling drawer the most!

And then we got hardware. Love it!

And this last batch of pictures are for Mom prove that we did indeed remove all the protective plastic from the beautiful new appliances. Good looking stuff if I do say so....pays to spend a little more and get all the stainless appliances with no black. Love the look!

p.s. It's really tough to capture the true color of the cabinets. It's a very subtle neutral with a hint of green. It's fantastic in person...but odd in pictures!

p.p.s. You may be wondering why we didn't put a fridge in our kitchen! HA! It's still in the dining room for the foreseeable future. Since they had to do the floors 5 times there was no sense in having it moved yet. Soon...hopefully!

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  1. I was just daydreaming about having a cooking adventure in there!! Can't wait. :)