Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a Reminder...'s official! We no longer have a kitchen! Good thing that's only temporary!

When we got home from work last night we discovered that all was left of our old kitchen was an empty shell. No cabinets, no sink, no stove, no walls, and no ceiling! SWEET! You know what that can only get better from here!

I'll be posting some photos soon.
But in the meantime I wanted to remind myself, and all of you, of how frustrating it was to function in the old kitchen. So while we wait a month or two for our new kitchen to be completed, we can just keep reminding ourselves of these images and how anything will be better than what we had! Even the chaos of construction is leading us towards something better!

Moving on....
Last weekend, with our last weekend with a kitchen upon us, I decided to make one last batch of cookies for the husband. Boy was he thrilled...until he saw the mess I made. But then again, we didn't really have to work hard to clean it up since it was all about to be destroyed!

With only 12" of counter space, and 12" of height to work poor kitchenaid mixer didn't exactly have much of a work space to spread out in. This results in flour being measured over the stove, (imagine...flour in the burners, on the floor, on the rug, in the sink, and all over me!) and at least 1 dropped egg splattered on the floor. All ingredients get spread out on the stove usually. You might be asking out load why I didn't just cover the stove. Well I tried that. Not nothing was stead enough propped on top of the burners. I suppose I could have taken the burners apart...but the center still stuck up on each burner so that wouldn't have really worked either. Oh well!

I thought I'd share some pictures of what it was like!

p.s. Anyone want any hand made ceramic creations made by ME? I have about 2 dozen small to medium sized bowls, small creamers, etc... FYI-I take commissions for larger items (cake plates, chip and dip bowls, platters, teapots, etc...) ;)


  1. So exciting! It will definitely be good to have these pictures as reminders of how good this reno will be!! :)

    I would love one of your pieces. :)

  2. it's plain to see why you need more counterspace! just think of how much you will love your new kitchen once it is finished! Michael will eat so many baked goods!