Friday, March 11, 2011

Migration of the Fridge-Again.

In case you forgot park one in the migration saga. Here's a refresher:

When the fridge was delivered, we didn't realize how LARGE it was. It was so big we couldn't move it through the door frame into the kitchen. So it had to be placed in the dining room. After removing the door frame between the "mudroom" and kitchen, and taking down some "cabinets," we were finally able to have our friends from Sears come back to move the fridge out of the dining room, through the front door, around the outside of the house, back into the kitchen and into it's semi-permanent home.

Here is what it looked like:


Thankfully I saved my friend Justin's phone number. He's a little sneaky and liked to make a little extra spending money on the side. So he and his delivery partner from Sears like to take on the odd job or two while they are already in town delivering some else's brand new appliances from Sears.

Now would be a good time to mention that the reason we are moving the fridge out of the kitchen again is because we are in fact renovating the kitchen. And no, we aren't just getting new cabinets and appliances, we are gutting the whole room (and hallway) and starting from scratch. We will be changing the entire footprint of the kitchen. Am I scared? YES! Am I indescribably excited? YES! I think it will feel wonderful to walk around and use our new kitchen knowing that we have saved to do this project. And that it is all ours!

Anyhow...back to the story. I'm sure you're wondering why we couldn't just roll the sucker into the dining room. That brings me back to the door frame issue again. Every single door frame in the house is too small to fit the fridge through. Back in 1930 things were built a little smaller! So, my buddy Justin came last Saturday to move the fridge back out through the back door, around the house, in the front door, and into the dining room. It's also important to note that the fridge weighs well over 300 pounds, and all the doors, feet, electrical parts has to be removed in order to get the thing through the doors. Oh...speaking of doors, all the doors in the back had to physically be removed in order to make this happen!


This was a great opportunity to clean out the fridge.
Here are some of the "treasures" we found.

Look what we unearthed! Yes, that would be our wedding cake. Yes, we still have (had) it. As you may recall we were cruising in the middle of the ocean at the time or our anniversary. I suppose we could have brought our cake with us, but we didn't. It was sort of nice to see it in the freezer every time I went to get something out of there. However, we finally decided that it's time to say goodbye to the cake. We took it out of the freezer, along with everything else, and let it thaw out for a few days on the counter (thanks cousin Jamie for that advice!)

Here's the rest of the "stuff"
I got rid of a lot of old condiments and things. And I tried to arrange them in categories so that after the fridge was moved and we'd cleaned the shelves (ahem--Michael cleaned the shelves--THANK YOU!) we could organize everything a little better.

Like the sheets covering the table? We figured we might as well start getting things covered for the construction process. Hopefully we can keep the dust to as minimum. HA. Wishful thinking right? Well that's the new look of the dining room for the time being.

Here's the empty fridge area.

Phew. One small step behind us...about a hundred HUGE leaps forward until this project is over. I can't wait!

p.s. I forgot to mention the funniest part of this whole thing. You all think I'm the only weird one here who wanted to keep all the protective plastic on the fridge until the kitchen was completed. (The thought of the fridge not feeling all shiny and new like everything else in the kitchen makes me crazy--just kidding--sort of!) all have no idea. You're sitting there reading this thinking I'm have no idea! I finally used the fridge clean out as an excuse to remove all the plastic covered every inch of the INSIDE of the fridge. (Yes! There is still plastic inside!) I didn't consult the 2nd owner of the fridge first. BIG MISTAKE. I started to peel off a piece and he happened to be watching me. Oh my god...if you'd heard the GASP and seen the CRINGE you would have thought I'd taken a key to one of his precious vehicles! That's all blame me for this...but NO...HE is the reason the fridge is still covered in plastic. Have you seen his ipod touch--yes the one I bought him about 4 years ago. It's still covered in the factory protective plastic! Help me...I'm not the looney here, he is! :)


  1. So exciting about your new kitchen!! I can't wait to see the process and how it all comes together. I'm sure it will be beautiful...

    Also...I have covers on my cell phone, still. :)

  2. You just called your husband looney in front of the whole world! Watch out. And, in my opinion you're both looney!! That's why they make covers for things now!!!!!! :)