Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Snow.

Here are some updated pictures of what the house looks like now.

Weekly forecasts have all been the same. Snow headed our way. It seems like a new Wednesday tradition to get a big snowstorm.

This week we're switching things up! Snow on Tuesday and Thursday but NOT on Wednesday!

You can barely see the house over all that snow.

The driveway and road look like this all the time now!

Here are a couple shots of the man of the house in action. This is a new morning and evening ritual...get the roof rake and try to clear off some snow and ice. Breaking off the icicles is becoming increasingly more important due to all the troubles we've been having house wise. More on that later this week...

I think I'm in denial that the snow goes all the way up to the first floor windows. I thought we lived in Massachusetts not Alaska!

p.s. All you people in Chicago who are reading this. We don't feel bad for you. Your (one and only) blizzard this year has nothing on our daily foot of snow. :P

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