Monday, February 28, 2011

Blinded by the light---err uhhh freshly painted walls

This weekend the Man of the House had a strange urge to paint something. What did he choose you might ask? The walls of the basement staircase of course!

Did I mention we haven't painted a single room in our house yet? But the the basement...NEEDED...paint! (I'm told.) Ok sure, I agree....but when the man of the house has an urge to do encourage it!

I forgot to take some before pictures so these old pictures will just have to do! See the paneling? Well, there are two types of paneling in the staircase. Oh, and not everything was covered in paneling. Some parts were just old cracked plaster. Paint to the rescue!

We decided to buy Behr paint and primer in one, thanks to the suggestion of Dad B. Let's just doesn't cover quite as well as they claim it does. That's life!

It isn't finished yet, but here's a little preview!
The color is Swiss Coffee. It isn't a pure white, but it's clean looking!

When he finds his motivation again...he'll be painting the actual stairs, and the "canned goods storage area!" That is if he can get me to stop using them 8 times a night doing laundry and other stuff! :P

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