Monday, June 14, 2010

The Poochie

The poochie has been a bad boy lately. I think he knows it too because he didn't move an inch or even lift his head when I was getting ready this morning, or when I came over to pet him. He barely even looked at me.

Perhaps he's depressed, but I think it's more that he knows he's been bad.
He ate our leftover dinner right off the table last night when we weren't in the room. Bad boy! He knows better!

Last week when we had company over he was supposed to stay laying on his bed. We left the room for a minute and he went into the dining room, ate the treats right off the table, then went back and laid down on his bed. Sneaky little devil! (Mom G-K said "What did you expect? For him to just take one and leave the rest behind for later?" haha good point.)

He doesn't like to have his picture taken. When you come close with a camera he usually runs away. This morning...he just laid there on the floor and looked at me.

I think he's sorry...don't you? Look at that face!

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