Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Additions

Since I was too lazy to get out of bed and go for a run Monday morning before work, I promised myself I would do so after work. On the way home the sunny sky turned black, and as the raindrops started to fall I decided that instead of going for a run I'd make a stop in search of things for the house. Why not!

I'm not sure where I saw it first, but I've had this idea in my head for the living room/entry way by the front door. It involves a console table with benches sporting criss-cross wooden legs tucked underneath. The benches can be put away under the table and pulled out for extra living room seating when we have company. I spotted a couple of said benches at Home Goods over the weekend. They weren't exactly what I had in mind--but then I got to thinking. (Insert- "Uh Oh!") We ultimately want to replace the coffee table and end tables, and sofa, and entertainment unit, and get the idea. So, I figured these benches could be perfect for right now instead of the coffee table or end tables...and that one could always be used as an end table or foot rest in the future, and the other can get tucked away under the future console table. One could also be used in the future second seating area in the living room. (Remember-the odd living room layout that will require two separate "areas?")

And BONUS...for whatever reason, one was on sale!!
Why not purchase them, take them home, play around with some ideas and if they aren't right, we can always return them.

Option one looks like this:

Love the idea...but two many groupings of two. Two benches, two end tables, two sofa cushions. Not to mention that they're all rectangles. Not going to work for me unless we ditch the end tables altogether (which I'd love to do, but they hold the computer (s) so perhaps not until we have a suitable replacement.

Option Two:

I think Option Two is the winner (at least for now). I'm liking the sleeker look. If you haven't noticed, I'm making small changes towards a more contemporary and sophisticated look with cleaner lines and more streamlined designs. If I had it my way I'd have a horribly uncomfortable sofa like these because I love how they look:

Or like this:

But alas...two people live here and we want to be comfortable. Choices! Maybe we can compromise and get something like this:

So...what do you think? Should we keep them?

P.S. Please excuse the plastic on the benches. I didn't want to remove it until we knew we were going to keep them.

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