Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project #3, 4, and 5-If you can call it that!

Project #3 and #4 both involve Michael's attempts to get our fridge where it belongs-in the kitchen!

First he dismantled the door frame on the inner back door (it had no door--just the frame). Below he is showing off his handiwork...
(Blake is too busy eating to get out of the way)

As for Project #4-Here is Michael showing off how after he removed the "cookbook cabinet" there is actually enough room for our fridge to fit in the fridge nook. Of course I was too busy going for a run and then making dinner during this project to make photos of the manual labor in progress. So here is the morning after show off picture after the dust had cleared!

Another shot of the door frame in progress...

And of course to prove I actually is me in action on project #5. After I took down one of the MANY rooster curtains I discovered a cheesy decorative wood thing hanging down over the window. I couldn't stand down it went! (Please excuse the less than flattering jeans I happen to be wearing in this photo!)

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