Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few New Additions Around the House

A Few New Additions Around the House...

Thank you Marathon Monday for the day off. I got a lot accomplished today. First off...who knew a "clean" empty house could be so filthy! Two hours later...spotless, disinfected floors.

After my cleaning spree I was off to Crate and Barrel, Macys, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Home Goods, and Pier One. After some returns, some purchases...and a stop at Starbucks...I finally returned home.

Here are some of my finds... Some to be returned...didn't work out quite the way I'd imagined. Typical.

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  1. Very nice! If you want more design ideas, does a profile on a fancy house in Atlanta each week. Most of the people featured are designers or are gay so they have excellent ideas!

    Have fun with it!