Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Casualties

First off...let's start with the most amusing casualty...the moving truck side door. Good news...he didn't take out the entire tree or the power lines...just most of our tree's branches. Bad news...truck door was bent entirely backwards and broken off at the hinges. oops! Good thing we paid these guys to move every valuable belonging we own. sigh.

Next up: Scratched Furniture (sorry--no photos)...followed by our newly damaged old house. I suppose it's all par for the course...but still sad. We have some chipped paint, cracked plaster (hard to tell in that picture), and some dented walls. sigh again.

The didn't make its....

1. The box-spring couldn't make it up the for now we get our mattress on the floor. I'm incredibly bummed about this. I was so excited to put our bed together with all our new bedding...guess I'll have to wait until we figure out a solution for this problem.

2. Our brand new monster of a fridge. It's big, beautiful, stainless, and perfect...except for that it has to live in the dining room for now. Michael is mid-tearing out the back door interior door
frame in the hopes that we can get the monster into the kitchen where it belongs.

On the bright side at least we have a working fridge! Did I mention that it's beautiful...and

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