Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update - or Lack of an Update

Just a quick note to say... "No News Yet"

I know I haven't written in a while and it's got a few of you wondering what's going on. Sadly - nothing yet!

Lesson learned: Never leave your readers hanging when you're due in a week in a half! It occured to me this morning that when someone asks me when I'm due. My response will be "next Friday," not "in 1 month" or "in 2 weeks". Wow!

I'm ready! We're ready! Everything's ready...except the little person. That's ok we'll wait for you... Right now you're having a severe case of the hiccups (a twice a day occurrence.) I must say you are one extremely active little baby. Sometimes your constant kicking leaves me feeling bruised on the inside, but it's all worth it. There is nothing as incredible as knowing you are thriving and growing away inside me. It's also a little creepy, but mostly incredible! I'm already starting to feel sad about this stage being behind us...but I'm more than ready to meet you!

On that note...I'll leave you with a few pictures for the last week or so...

First off - Michael's coworkers threw a surprise baby shower for him at work. They decorated this desk, ordered lunch, ice cream, and gave him a baby gift. Very nice!!!

I finally made Michael an appointment for a haircut on Saturday. He desperately needed one (but will adamantly disagree with me about that!) The way I see it, we're going to have a LOT of pictures taken in the coming weeks and I didn't want him to look like a slob...hehehe. Anyhow he complained about having to get a hair cut, he complained about it being so early (10am-not early) and whined and whined...until I suggested he come home with muffins after. That perked him right up! He showed up after his haircut with muffins, dunkin donuts coffee for him, starbucks for her, and gingerbread cookies for later. Good man.

Next I went on a little mission to get out of the house and get moving a bit. I made a stop at The Gap to look at all the cute baby things...
That's when I saw this!

Anyhow who knows us will tell you just how excited I was when I saw this. But, alas I did not buy it. It was on sale, but it was a final sale item that couldn't be returned. I decided it was a little too boyish for our potential girl baby, so it stayed at the store.

While there, I tried on a few maternity tops that were on sale. Notice - no pants - anything that requires taking off my shoes more than absolutely necessary is out of the question these days. I didn't buy anything - but I did take a little self portrait for you.
38 Weeks:

Getting close!!


  1. Haha, nothing muffins can't cure!! :) You look adorable - can't wait to meet the little person, either!

  2. haha- - i find it hilarious that you made Michael cut his hair. If you think either of you will see the OTHER side of the camera for a long time you're mistaken!! Can't wait to see the little one!