Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Other Electrical Projects Around the House

While the electrician was at the house, we loaded him up with other projects. Some of these things we'd typically do ourselves (ahem - or the husband would do himself) but considering everything we have going on, we figured, let's just make arrangements to get everything done!

First up - we now have cable in our bedroom. Mind you we don't own a tv for the bedroom, but cable is there should we decide we want it!

And because I love it so much...here's another picture of the baby's light fixture.

The baby's the proud owner of a dimmer switch as well...

And so are we! The hallway/staircase light now has a dimmer! We're going to love this with all the late night feedings and diaper changes that we have coming up.

And lastly we grew a modern day digital thermostat! It's amazing! We come home to a warm house and wake up to a warm house now. It's incredible! Sadly, our wall didn't make out so well. We need to patch up the plaster and repaint a bit but we'll get to that.

Knocking things off the list! That's what it's all about these days...

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  1. You guys are awesome! I love dimmers - and I also love my digital thermostat. It is awesome to come home to a warmed house. :)