Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baby's Room Updates

Getting things in order around the house has been a long, slow process lately. Between feeling large, being tired, and all the contractions, it's become more and more challenging to accomplish simple tasks. The good news is that my fantastic husband has picked up a lot of the slack around here. I have to direct (and sometimes ask for things to be done several times,) but he gets it done! THANK YOU!!

Thankfully we're getting closer and closer to actually needing all the things we're preparing. I originally had a long list of ideas and projects I wanted to accomplish, but as time as passed I've decided that it just isn't necessary to do everything I wanted to do. What can I say...I give up!

So on that's a little project I worked on last week. Since we don't know if the little person is a boy or girl, we needed to infuse his/her room with some color without making it too girly or boyish.

Remember how we last had things:

Well after a little trial and error I had a good base going...

It's hard to tell in the picture but because of the sloping ceiling some of these pom poms hang a bit low. In fact I hit my head on them slightly. But hey - they'll be fun for the little guy or gal to swat around once he or she is big enough and they're made of tissue paper so no one will get hurt if they are playing with them!

Here's the finished product:

Next up we have the bookshelf. We originally wanted to get a low, wide bookshelf for another wall. It's still in our future plans but for the time being we decided on another solution. Now the main reason for this book shelf is that we decided to get a video baby monitor. I'm not so sure it's necessary, but I'm sure there will be times when it's fun to have. I'm not thrilled with the idea of spying on the little person but then again it'll be fun to watch him or her when they wake up and see if they climb up the side of the crib or play nicely with themselves until we come get him or her. The angle of the camera can be adjusted from our monitor so we can spin it around the room to other locations remotely and/or zoom in and out. It also has a neat intercom feature so we can speak to the baby when we aren't in the room. Again - neat futures, not really necessary, but might be fun to have.

Back to the bookshelf...

We realized that there was no where to place the video camera in the baby's room where it could be angled to see into the crib. Oops. So we needed some type of shelf to put the camera on. One option would have been to wall mount the camera - but then we're back to the same issue with the sloping ceiling. In the crib nook there isn't a wall available where we could mount the camera. The next idea was to put up an acrylic shelf or floating shelves on the wall where this bookshelf is now resting. The problem with this idea is with our old plaster walls we've had a lot of trouble hanging things in the past. Neither of us wanted to mess with that. So we found this shelf and decided to give it a try! It provides a perfect angle for the camera and will also house some family pictures and books. It won't be fantastic when the little person is able to walk around and hang on it, but it will work out great for now!

What do you think?

And last but not least - I know you're all dying for a belly update. Sorry for the bad cell phone picture and my lounge clothes... 35 weeks! Getting close!

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  1. I love the bookshelf. It looks great and will be perfect for the monitor. :)