Monday, August 16, 2010


Since we removed the coffee table in the living room and have small ottomans/benches in it's place, we don't have anything sturdy enough to hold a glass upright. I've been wanting/needing some trays of some sort to use to put food and drinks on. I had seen these white lacquer trays a while back at West Elm that I loved, but the price tag was a bit high. Of course I've been looking for something similar everywhere I've been...but no luck.

This past weekend happened to be the tax free weekend in MA, so back I went to West Elm. I figured if the hubby didn't love them I'd just return them. Of course I sweetened the deal by showing how useful they were when he got home by serving dinner on them. It was a success! They keep everything upright, you don't have to worry about spilling because they have sides and can be washed, and the best part: they help to coral all the "stuff."

I was secretly hoping they'd have a nice shiny orange version...but no luck. Actually now that I think about it, white is definitely the way to go. That way we can change the accent color in the room with pillows and other accessories, and the trays can easily be used in other rooms.

What do you think?

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