Friday, October 21, 2011

Exterior Trim

As you might remember, a little storm came through town a while ago. Her name was Irene. For some reason, Irene decided to help us along with our long list of must-get-done items. One item in particular which was on our list, but wasn't at the top of our list (until after Irene made her appearance) was painting all of our exterior trim. Irene decided to take off most of what was left leaving us with chipped paint everywhere and exposed wood trim.

It's starting to get too cold here to be doing any exterior painting, so we knew we had to get moving if we wanted to get this done before the winter. After getting several quotes, we bit the bullet and lined someone up to get this project done.

I'll have some after pictures for you in a few days - but until then, here's a little preview of how things had been looking lately. Pretty shabby!!

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