Friday, June 3, 2011

A Bit of Progress...

The crown molding is finally finished! Here's a sneak peak...

And here's the floor (to be redone...more on that later)
Notice how far from matching it is! the light color is new new floor. This is what they called--stained to match the existing floors. Uhhh who thought that matched?

Not only does the color not even come close to matching, but the floor also has bubbles in the polyurethane everywhere. No good. So today they are sanding everything down again and restaining...with 2 coats to see if that helps. We've got to be able to come closer in color...don't you think?


  1. The crown molding looks great and I just know the floor will be beautiful. I can picture it in its matching glory already! :)

  2. Looks tremendous! Maybe an uv light will help fade the dark color. I think it looks wonderful--great design job!

  3. Sarah, is the wood Maple? If so, they need to "water pop" the grain in order to get a darker look. If they don't know what that means, you simply apply water to the unfinished wood, like with a mop, and you let it dry. The water will "pop" all the grains up. Then when the stain is applied it takes much better, gets darker than if you don't do this, and also really shows the awesome variations in Maple wood. Most floor places have no clue about this, but it works great and makes Maple look better than you have ever seen before, if done right. Just thought I would pass it on to ya! Good luck, looking great overall.