Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm's what I've been up to!

Welcome you and me! I know I know...I've neglected the blog and you are wondering what I've been up to!

Well...there were holidays, visiting with family, lots of driving back and forth to Albany/Queensbury, traveling, and other stuff going on. The biggest of which was SNOW! (More on that later.) I know you don't care as much about what I have to say as what I have to show you. We'll do a couple weeks at a time. So here goes...

First up, Christmas.
It looked a little something like this, although the pictures don't do it justice:

And the best gift for the littlest man (in my opinion):
A Buzz Lightyear Pinata!

Not sure what the spots are about but this is the Vin Man in action:

The drive home after Christmas was horrendous. We were in the midst of our first huge storm with 20+ inches of snow. Why we even bothered to try to get home is beyond me. It took us over 8 hours. We also drove back separately in order to bring the truck home. Of course...because this how my luck works...all the warning lights went on in the SUV part way home. When this happens, apparently the traction control system shuts off. You can imagine how scared I was driving in the terrible weather, with unplowed roads, and no traction control. AWESOME! To add insult to injury when we finally made it home, the house be buried in snow.

But on a brighter note, here's most of the Christmas loot we brought home!
(Thanks for all the wonderful gifts!!)

Since the day after Christmas, we have spent most of our time looking like this:
(Sorry the picture of myself was so bad I couldn't post it. You get the point!)
Ok fine...mostly Michael, but you get the point!

And here's a little view of the house after the first big storm. Keep in mind, we've now gotten about 40+" more inches of snow since these pictures were taken. THAT'S A LOT OF SNOW! Where does one pile all that snow? Tune in in a few days to find out!
In the meantime:

p.s. For those of you who don't live where it snows. Snow is VERY heavy and sometimes has to be pulled off of the roof so that it doesn't leak into the house, or worse, so the house doesn't cave in.

p.p.s. Next up...the big family cruise!

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